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Hello my name is Brodie and I like playing game’s, playing soccer and playing with my friend’s. In my Blog (AKA Brodies Blog) you will see what Im interested in, funny thing’s and also my school work,(what I have done).

My favourite subject’s at school are reading, it’s because I love getting into my bubble and getting interested in my book’s.

At home I also love when I have free time and I go and jump on the tramp while listening to music.

 Sometime’s I like to just relax on my bed on YouTube and watching. ThacherJoe, pointless Blog and also coryxkeshen. I love there video’s.

Also at home I love to play outside to get that fresh air and that vitiamn D, My favourite thing’s to play out side is, SPUD, Kick ball/Golden Child and finally Soccer.

I always wanted to have my own Blog because Bree (AKA my sister) had one in 5/6 and finally I have one in 5/6FM.

#Thank’s 5/6FM.

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